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Is becoming a student-athlete in U.S. Colleges right for me?

Colleges USA

The academic system of colleges, the costs of universities, and requirements .

College Volleyball

The American college sports system .

The Student-Athlete

All aspects of the student-athlete in U.S. Colleges.

Scholarship Benefits

What are scholarships and what are the requirements to get them.

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US Volleyball

US Volleyball
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Colleges USA

A constantly expanding network.

In over 15 years of operation, we have created strong links with numerous universities, staff and coaches in all leagues.

Why US Volley?

Because WE are Volleyball: two volleyball players who have made high-level sports and academic courses, both in Italy and in the USA, who have understood the importance of the balance between sport and study.

Many volleyball players, after graduating from high school, find themselves at a crossroads: on the one hand the university career and on the other the high-level competitive sport. WE are here to maintain the balance between the two paths.

Events & News

February 20, 2024

Interview: Irene Verdino talks about her experience

"This is my fourth year in the United States, I spent two years in Florida at a Junior College (Indian River State College) and now I'm finishing my last two…
February 15, 2024

What skills does a student-athlete need to have? We asked Chat GPT

Everybody's doing tests, everybody's talking about artificial intelligence. One of the topics of the moment, it is one of the most widespread, covered and typed topics of the moment. Not…
December 19, 2023

Focus Park University – Tradition, Innovation, Social and Volleyball

Park is one of the universities in our network that today and in the past has welcomed many Sportlinx360 student-athletes. An important and virtuous link between our Agency and the…
December 4, 2023

Focus on: America’s National Parks

What are the most important and must-see national parks in the United States? Among our notes we have marked five, probably the most famous, the most well-known that you have…


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