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All College Sports

Sports sponsored by American colleges

In the more than 15 years of Sportlinx360’s experience in the scholarship industry at American colleges, we have worked with many sports: from football to basketball and from pole vaulting to rugby but in recent years we have understood how important it is to give absolute quality to our services and to be able not only to reach the goal together with our prospects (future student-athletes) but also do it through a dedicated path in which concerns are raised and the necessary answers are found to evaluate, and then choose, the US destination.

For this reason, we have decided to focus all our efforts on what we do best, namely volleyball and beach volleyball.

However, if you have come to this page it is because you are curious to know what are the other sports that you can do as a student-athlete in the USA and also understand what time of year the championships are played.

Here’s an up-to-date summary of the sports officially with a Championship in colleges. Remember that not all universities have all sports which, in turn, are divided into different leagues.

August to November
September to March
January to May
Cross Country (M & F) Basketball (M & F) Baseball (M)
Field Hockey (F) Bowling (M & F) Beach volleyball (F)
American Football (M) Fencing (M and F) Golf (M & F)
Calcium (M and F) Gymnastics (M and F) Lacrosse (M & F)
Volleyball (F) Ice Hockey (M & F) Rowing (M & F)
Water Polo (M) Shooting (Mixed) Softball (F)
Skis (M & F) Tennis (M and F)
Swimming & Diving (M & F) Outdoor Athletics (M & F)
Indoor Athletics (M & F) Volleyball (M)
Fight (M & F) Water Polo (F)

M: Male
F: Female

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