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College & Volleyball

In the USA

Being a student-athlete at an American college is a wonderful experience! Not easy at all, guaranteed, but certainly satisfying.

The main goal of Sportlinx360 is to take you on a journey that begins when you have decided that it is time for you to put yourself to the test.

If you haven’t already, the first step is to read: Is Becoming an SA in Colleges Right for Me? (link) And if you feel that this is the way to go, we will be happy to walk this journey together with you and your families.

Our relationship will begin well before you officially decide to put yourself to the test because in our way of working there is a preliminary phase in which we have to get to know each other and explain all the details of this world, mostly unknown to most Italians…. and there’s so much to learn!!


Form & Video

But let’s start from the beginning (which is always good). From the moment you feel ready to deepen this project there will be the evaluation phase by our staff. Usually there is an initial interview with one of our experts in the field (women’s indoor, men’s or beach) who will ask you to fill out a short form with initial sports and academic data and the creation of a video montage (highlights).

First contact

Once this initial information has been received, there will be a first telephone call to deepen some further profile data and answer your initial questions; once the interest in the project has been established, there will be the opportunity to make a video call with one of the founders of Sportlinx360.

Video call

At this point, it means that your profile is valid to become a student-athlete in colleges and during the video call you will provide specific information about what are the chances of obtaining scholarships and the requirements that correspond to each type.

Consulting contract

The families will then have time to “digest” all the new information provided and, if the conditions are met, start the process by signing a consulting contract.


After the initial procedures for creating the complete profile, interviews will take place to determine the action plan and next steps.


  • Option search– The “hot” part of this path takes place during the “recruiting” phase, i.e. the search for opportunities and the evaluation of each option from all possible points of view.
  • Priority – For this phase it is very important to have “clear ideas” at least as far as what you expect to find once you arrive in the USA. Is it better to find a team where you can play right away even if the level is less strong or to go to a very strong team risking not seeing the field in the first year?

It sounds easy, but it is not for everyone to immediately understand what are the priorities to consider and here we will encourage you to ask the right questions so as not to leave anything that can be controlled, to chance.


Once you have chosen the program where you will go, there will be a series of documentation and procedures to complete, from college admission to the evaluation of report cards and profiles on the leagues’ eligibility center, not to mention the forms and administrative procedures and to obtaining the I-20 and later the F-1 student visa.


We’re almost there! Once you have obtained your visa, you will only need to take your flights and prepare your luggage, and even at this stage We will be there to help you. On our dedicated portal you will find 12 videos made by our student-athletes that will answer many of the questions you will be asking yourself when the start is close on the first period in the States.


Oh yes, you did it! Many sacrifices during all these years to become strong, studying and playing with commitment and perseverance have opened the doors to a new world that will not be without new challenges and difficulties to face, but which will also lead you to personal, academic and sporting satisfactions and goals that perhaps you would never have believed possible. We will be happy to continue this journey with you, rejoicing in the rewards, victories and enthusiasm, but also supporting you in defeats, sufferings and uncomfortable situations that will still make this a life experience in which you leave as teenagers and return as young adults ready to face a life of challenges with new and useful tools.

Do you want to make your dream come true?

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