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What are Scholarships?

Sporting Merit and Academic Merit

Scholarships for sporting merit (Athletic Scholarships) are awarded to those who demonstrate sporting skills that can help the college team achieve the goals set by the coach and his staff. Therefore, only the first coach (Head Coach) With the help of his staff (Assistant Coaches), he can decide who and to what extent will receive a scholarship for sporting merit.

Regardless of sporting merit, one student-athlete You can also get a scholarship for academic merit (academic scholarship), which can be added to the one obtained for sporting merit (in the event that the student-athlete has one), thus contributing considerably to the reduction of total expenditure. The academic scholarship is not awarded by the technical staff but by the admission’s office of the university).

To access a sports scholarship it is still necessary to be admitted to that college and therefore you must have certain academic requirements that are established by each university independently.

Full or Partial

Scholarships (both academic and sports) can be partial, and at that point cover part of the expenses that have to be faced, or total and then cover almost all the expenses. While the full academic merit scholarship can at most cover the total cost of tuition and tuition fees, a full athletic scholarship covers the following items:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Room and board
  • Libri (books)

In some very special cases, some full athletic scholarships may also include medical insurance.


There are even more comprehensive scholarships in which, in addition to all the expenses covered, it is possible to obtain small reimbursements that also allow you to cover personal expenses or holidays or flights.
Some of the junior colleges we’ve worked with over the past few years are also able to pay for round-trip flights once a year! Of course, these latter options are not available to everyone, but if you want to know more and understand if you can also get them, all that remains is to do a free evaluation of your profile. (link to the form to fill in the data).

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