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American College Volleyball Showcase

Show your talent

The American College Volleyball Showcase is the event that we at Sportlinx360 are most proud of: the 2024 edition will be the seventh edition of the women’s event and the fourth of the men’s event (the only event in Italy dedicated to men’s volleyball).

Also this summer, Italian and international volleyball players will be able to approach the world of colleges and show their skills.

The aim is to ensure that each athlete can demonstrate his/her sporting, relational and cultural skills with the aim of being considered for a scholarship for sporting merit in the universities of the United States of America.

A full-immersion in the world of American colleges and an experience that has always left indelible memories, new friendships and ideas for growth and improvement to anyone who participated.

Both events will be held in June, at the end of the schools and the National Youth Finals and have limited places.

Men's Showcase

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