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SLX360 Students in the USA


A big thank you to the Sportlinx360 staff for the work done during these months for Michela and the attention they have had for her.Both my husband and I were really satisfied. Michela will leave next Monday and she is very happy with the...

Silvia Scaramellini (WVB)


My experience with Sportlinx360's staff has been extraordinary and if I would have the opportunity, I would do it all over again without even thinking about it. The staff worked very hard especially the first few months when we had to...

Klizia Costa (WSOC)


The meeting with Sportlinx360 was crucial for us to be able to fulfill Alessandro's desire to study in the United States while continuing to play soccer, his greatest passion. Jesica and Elitza have helped and supported us with extreme...

Mamma Monica (MSOC)


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Welcome Coach Donev

We are extremely proud and delighted to announce a new entry in the Sportlinx360 staff. Kos Donev, contact person for soccer, joins our...

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