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SLX360 Students in the USA


A big thank you to the Sportlinx360 staff for the work done during these months for Michela and the attention they have had for her.Both my husband and I were really satisfied. Michela will leave next Monday and she is very happy with the...

Silvia Scaramellini (WVB)


The experience was amazing, I have been 3 times a year to North Carolina to see the college and the environment. Here I found a high level context in all the aspects: athletics, human and academic. It was a positive experience both from an...

Fabio Pagliara


My experience with Sportlinx360's staff has been extraordinary and if I would have the opportunity, I would do it all over again without even thinking about it. The staff worked very hard especially the first few months when we had to...

Klizia Costa (WSOC)


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