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SLX360 Students in the USA


I wanted to thank you all personally for the support and advice you have provided us over the past few months. I truly believe that, without the support of specialized professionals like you, everything would have been more difficult and complicated...

Walter Andreon, papà di Francesca


"I must say that the assistance of Sportlinx360 was impeccable and we were followed step by step in this adventure. We are living this experience with serenity and are aware that we are investing in our daughter's future. Our daughter has...

Roberto, Papà di Benedetta Canfora


"Chiara is incredibly happy. We know it's just the beginning, but it's probably better than we could have ever hoped and imagined. You do a wonderful job. You make many girls' dreams come true. Thanks again!

Roberta Picchiante, Mamma di Chiara Di Valerio


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