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Origin: Milan (MI) – Italy

Sports: Women’s Volleyball


When we talk about Erica Di Maulo, we are talking about a piece of St. John’s University history… and more. The Milanese setter, coached by the Bosetti family, led Orago volleyball to victory of the U16 championship in 2013. But it is in the Big Apple, precisely in Queens, that he gives his best by winning a prestigious Big East Freshman of the Year and a historic Big East Conference Championship.

Erica has always won many individual awards (including best server in history for St. John’s) in her American past, but she has also achieved several satisfactions by getting on the stage of professional volleyball, first in Finland and then in Casalmaggiore in A1. Di Maulo is up against the best setters in the world and does not disappoint every time she is called upon. our athlete has a bachelor’s degree in Education and has now returned to the United States.

“Erica is a great leader, and she’s a great person,” said Perisco. “Her numbers, her statistics, her incredible record-breaking assist that she just earned this year is a byproduct of her core values she learned from her family.”