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Park is one of the universities in our network that today and in the past has welcomed many Sportlinx360 student-athletes. An important and virtuous link between our Agency and the Pirates that pushes us to create a dedicated focus. Take notes.

A long history

Founded in 1875 in Parkville, Missouri, it is a bastion of higher education in the United States. Initially named Park College, the university has a rich history and an enduring commitment to providing quality educational opportunities.

The university’s main location is in Parkville, Missouri, but the reach extends – with campuses and learning centers – to different locations in the United States. The educational offer is wide between bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral courses. One of the focuses is certainly the innovation and tech sector, with several specialization courses that reflect current market and job trends. Other popular majors are Business, Social Psychology, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement.

The main campus is Parkville. Park University Graduate School is located in downtown Kansas City. There are 41 campuses in 22 U.S. states including four campuses in the Kansas City area (downtown Kansas City, Independence, Lenexa, and Parkville) and one university center in Austin, Texas. A curiosity about the venues? Most satellite campuses are located in or near U.S. military bases.

A multicultural community

Park University’s community is inclusive and global, welcoming students from diverse cultural backgrounds that form a multicultural learning environment enriched by diversity.

Sports-wise, Park is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and competes primarily in the Heart of America Athletic Conference since 2020/2021. There are 18 different disciplines within the sports program distributed between the men’s and women’s sectors. At the men’s level we find the volleyball, baseball, basketball, cross-country running, golf, football, athletics (indoor and outdoor) teams; while women’s sports include volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, cross-country running, golf, soccer, softball, track and field (indoor and outdoor); and mixed sports include esports.

Both women’s and men’s volleyball are among the most successful and followed programs in the history of the university under the orders of coach Talamantes who has been at the helm of both teams for more than 10 years.

In particular, at the volleyball level, the Pirates and the Pirates – in order – have won several NAIA national titles as well as having always gained access to the NAIA national finals.

National Champions 2018
National Champions 2014

National Champions 2017
National Champions 2014
National Champions 2012

The link with Sportlinx360

Park University presents itself as an institution of higher learning that blends tradition with innovation. Its long history, flexibility of studies, social commitment and diversity all contribute to shaping a well-rounded educational environment.

An environment where many of our Sportlinx360 student-athletes have grown, studied, and won on the field and become part of the Pirates’ history.

Our athletes @Park: Arianna Marino (WVB): 2023 – Irene Verdino (WVB): 2022 – Michele Bascapè (MVB): 2022 – 2023 Alessandro Tolin (MVB): 2022 – Vera Beltrame (WVB): 2020 – 2023 – Margherita Marconi (WVB): 2018 – 2022 – Luciano Bucci (MVB): 2018 – 2022 -Andrea Maggio (MVB): 2017 – 2019.

In addition to Danna Gomes and Rodrigo Ribeiro, current Sportlinx360 collaborators and both former student-athletes of Park University.