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Origin: Milan (MI) – Italy

Sports: Women’s Volleyball


Rachele “Rocky” Rastelli, along with Erica Di Maulo, was one of the pillars of St. John’s University, Queens. And to think that as a child she wanted to be a dancer… Fortunately, her 192cm has contributed to a decidedly more advantageous lifestyle choice! Staying in the Big Apple for 5 years, Rachele has always been a model student, winning the Big East All Academic team almost every year thanks to her studies in public relations and her master’s degree in International communication

But it is on the taraflex that the Emilian gang gives its best, winning a historic Big East 2020 championship (considered one of the toughest championships in division 1) and a Big East player of the year 2021. Defined by Coach Joanne Persico as one of the players who made the most difference in the history of St. John’s, Rastelli made the decision to return to her homeland once she finished her studies overseas and to play professionally.