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It is said that: “life is a journey and travelling is living twice“; and Ester Talamazzi, at only 21 years old, has already lived many lives… And he has no intention of stopping!

At the age of 16, when most of her peers had a rather vague idea of their future, she already had clear goals and chose to move from Campo Ligure, in the province of Genoa, to Rome, in the factory of volleyball talents Volleyrò Casal de Pazzi: here she lives with her teammates, she trains every day, but she never loses sight of school. The sacrifices of those 3 years away from home were rewarded when Ester’s team became Under 18 Italian Champion in 2014.

For many this would already be a great goal, but for Ester it is only the beginning: the following year she decides to take on a new challenge, changes school again (even if it is the most difficult year, that of the high school exams) and moves to Novara, where she finds space as a starter in Serie B and in the summer she obtains the diploma of Scientific High School. Pursuing her studies and sport remained a priority: Ester enrolled in the Faculty of Economics, began to take her first exams and at the same time faced her first sports season in Serie A in Cisterna, again in Lazio. One might think that at this point the road has been mapped out: but no… It’s still not enough for Esther and she decides it’s time to cross the ocean: she’s been admitted to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (for Americans, Virginia Tech) and since January has officially become a student-athlete of Blacksburg College. We don’t know how many lives Ester still has planned, for the moment we just have to follow her in this new adventure overseas. Good luck!