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A UEFA Champions League scenario, the vibes of a FIFA World Cup final, the excitement of an NBA game. Yet we have not witnessed any of this. The sporting event that attracted more than 92,000 people sees NCAA women’s volleyball as the undisputed queen.

It is well known that sports competitions on US soil are renowned for their success and popularity, thanks to significant media coverage and ingenious marketing strategies. But this time something incredible happened, as the Americans, big fans of football and basketball, made room in their hearts for women’s volleyball. And they did it in the state of Nebraska, now made known not only by its vast cornfields, but also by our beloved playing field.

Wednesday was a record-breaking night at the packed Memorial Stadium when Nebraska hosted Omaha in an outdoor volleyball game. The attendance of 92,003 people set the record for the largest audience to attend a women’s sporting event in the United States… and in the world! The stadium, home to Nebraska football for 100 years, has become the symbol of volleyball thanks to the viral images we find

on social media these days. The pre-game announcement sanctioned something new, a new beginning: “Welcome to Memorial Stadium. Home of Nebraska Volleyball.”

Nebraska prevailed in all three sets: 25-14, 25-14, 25-13. The Huskers, as their players are called, have imposed themselves with excellent percentages and a well-organized defense, as can be seen from the low percentages of the opponents (-.080). The Huskers are famous for their qualities in the fundamental of the wall, and this time too they did not disappoint. In just three sets, they hit 7 blocks and led Omaha to 25 offensive errors.