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Use whatsapp group

  • The group should only be used for communications that affect all members or for general questions if you don’t know where to turn
  • For contacts with coaches, recruiting, information on colleges and teams, creation and sending of video highlights, sets, photos, creation and updates of the profile in the database, please contact your SPORTS CONTACT
  • For help with applications, filling out forms, registration, tests, report cards, translations, documents for college admission, visa procedure, eligibility centers, NACES, please contact your ACADEMIC CONTACT
  • If there is a serious urgency, write on the group starting the message with URGENT. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. A serious urgency is, for example, a coach who has made you an offer for a scholarship that you must respond to within a few hours. IT IS NOT AN URGENCY to have information at 11 p.m. about a coach who wrote you a first email 5 minutes before (see the following rules)
  • Consider the American time zone (on average between 5 and 8 hours behind Italy)
  • We ask that you try to send messages or communications about the group between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. If there are important communications, you can write on the group until 9 pm. All communications (except for emergencies) after that time should be sent by email or to the group the next morning after 8 a.m. FOR THOSE IN AMERICA, CONSIDER THE TIME ZONE.
  • The use of voice notes is allowed, but for long communications call us: if your note is longer than 2 minutes, delete it and call us
  • Both in the group and in private communications with Elitza, Jesica and our collaborators, maximum cooperation is required in responding to communications and various requests. Within 24 hours we must receive a response from you: that you have read the message, that you will do as soon as possible what we have asked you to do or if you are unable for some reason explaining when you will be able to carry out the request.

We know that you all have a thousand commitments and your days are endless, but without you this fantastic project will not be possible!