Are you between 17 and 21 years old?
Do you dream of living a unique experience of sport and study in the USA?
Do you want your child to experience the greatest adventure of their life?

With the Sportlinx360 Showcase you can get a scholarship for sports merit in universities in the United States of America.

10-12 June for GIRLS

The program includes accommodation in the beautiful setting of the Castelli Romani on the outskirts of Rome, three indoor volleyball trainings, meetings between consultants and athletes in collective and individual form.

<b>A simulation of the TOEFL test is also provided.</b>

12-14 June for BOYS


The women's event on June 10/12 is mainly dedicated to athletes who will graduate in 2025 and 2026, who play in the squads of the B1 and B2 series. Athletes who have already graduated (not before 2022), athletes in the first / second year of high school and those who play in Serie C and D will also be considered.


The men's Showcase is aimed at athletes who play between Serie A and Serie D (inclusive) up to the age of 21 (graduated no earlier than 2022) up to boys who will graduate from high school in 2026.</p>
<p>Younger players who are already part of militant squads in these leagues will also be considered, in any case until the 2027 high school graduates.

So, don't hesitate to give it a try!

A memorable experience to make a dream come true

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What’s included in the Showcase?

A unique experience in which sport is combined with culture and the opportunity to obtain a scholarship for the USA.

There is a
permanent transport service
between the accommodation and the sports field. The participation fee includes transport to/from the airport or railway station at the times and methods agreed with the organization.
The Showcase includes a
maximum of 30 male and 30 athletes
who will carry out training both differentiated by roles and collectively according to the specific needs of each session. On the main parquet court, a single central court will be set up.
The staff will be made up of coordinators, coaches from American colleges, Italian coaches, student-athletes and assistants for material and transport. Other student-athletes, former professional volleyball players and Italian coaches are also expected to participate.
There is also a simulation of the TOEFL test, managed by our partner Byron Tree School of English.

Luca Cristofani

Luca Cristofani is an Italian coach who has won almost every title that the national volleyball system can offer (except the A1 series, at the moment).

He has won 16 Italian youth championships, the first in 1995. In his career he has won the Serie C, Serie B2, B1 and the Serie A2 championship 3 times, the most recent in the 2020-2021 sports season with Acqua&Sapone Roma Volley.

He was the first coach of the Peru women’s national team in 2011-2012 and assistant coach of the Italian senior national team that won the Mediterranean Games in 2013. He has coached the Italian U23, U20 and U18 national teams for 7 seasons and is the current technical director of Volleyrò Casal de’ Pazzi.

In the 2021-2022 season she led Bartoccini Fortinfissi Perugia Volley in the women’s Serie A1.

In the summer of 2023, he was Technical Director of Puerto Rico’s senior and junior women’s and men’s national teams.

In the 2023-2024 season he is Technical Director of Volleyrò Casal de Pazzi, the most titled team in Italy at youth level.


Pat Kendrick

Pat Kendrick was a coach for 30 years at George Mason University of the NCAA DI and won the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Best Coach award 8 times, before deciding to move to bring her experience to Xavier University of Louisiana.

After winning 10 consecutive titles in the Gulf Coast Athletic Conference, in 2022-23 Xavier’s volleyball team coached by coach Pat won its first title in the Red River Athletic Conference, thus bringing the record to 11.

Pat Kendrick won the Red River Athletic Conference for the second time this year, thus guaranteeing access to the national elimination stages.
Several Italian athletes have been and still are part of the team with a scholarship for sporting merit. Coach Pat has led the training sessions of all our editions of the Women’s Showcase and we are proud to continue to have her with us again this year.

And it doesn't end there!

In addition to the coaches who will lead the trainings, there will also be other coaches from prestigious American colleges of the most important American leagues and divisions who will attend all the training sessions, observe and evaluate the athletes.











Frascati (Rome)

One of the most beautiful and characteristic towns of the Castelli Romani, on the outskirts of Rome.



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<p>There are 30 places available for the Showcase divided into roles: 5 setters, 12/14 spikers-opposites, 6/8 middle, 4 free throws

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