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How to Create a Highlight Video If You Play Beach Volleyball

For a proper assessment of your sports skills by college coaches, you will need two types of videos:

  • Video Highlights and Presentation
  • Full set/match video

1. Video Highlights and Slideshow (5-8 minutes total)

If you’re sending us the first draft of actions for an evaluation and you haven’t started a journey with us yet, you don’t need to add the initial presentation video. The video highlights must show your best skills in each fundamental, so you must select your best actions from official matches, tournaments or friendlies.

The ideal video looks like this:

5-7 minutes: clips in which the player’s technical and tactical skills are seen

1 minute: presentation in which the player gives a very brief introduction of himself or herself

USING THE SCREENS: It is very important to use the screens with the names of the fundamentals that will follow, for example: Hitting (before the attacking actions), Passing (before the receiving actions), Digging (before the defensive actions), Setting (lifting), Blocking (blocking), Serving (and Peeling).

Example: Click here

Role-specific sports skills (5-6 minutes):

Hitting Passing Digging Setting Blocking Serving Peeling
  • Strong Attack
  • Cut
  • Shot Line
  • Dink
  • Rainbow
  • Side Reception
  • Front Reception
  • Strong Offense Defense
  • Cut/shot line/rainbow defense
  • Bagher
  • Ball tossing
  • Strong Ball Wall
  • Wall of Shots
  • Short
  • Long
  • Spin
  • Deadlift on strong ball
  • Deadlift on shots (dink, etc.)

All roles (and always at the end): 1-2 minutes of good jokes. You have to see the hitting gesture or if away from the camera, the trajectory. In both cases you should also see the reception which should be neutral, negative or double negative.

The beats shown should be:

  • Jumping Rotation
  • Long Float
  • Short Float

2. Full set/match video

  • The ideal shot is the short part of the field (the camera is behind you).
  • The athlete must provide a video in which his or her skills are represented as
    as possible. It is advisable to choose a match of depth -with a general high level expressed high- in which the athlete has performed fairly well (rather than an easy “match” against opponents of a too low level).

Very important!

  • Don’t include animations, slowdowns, or speeding up
  • Be careful not to enter the same action twice
  • The image quality must be high (movements and technique must be clearly distinguished, the camera must not be placed too far away)
  • if you make videos with mobile phones you have to put the phone in LANDSCAPE (never vertically)
  • Avoid text from video processing programs/apps