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Giorgia Walther is one of the girls who took part in the Global Challenge 2019. An initiative developed by Sportlinx360, in collaboration with Bring It Promotions, with the aim of traveling in Europe, playing volleyball and improving the knowledge of the English language.

A sports and linguistic experience entirely in English, with coaches with proven experience from the USA and other European countries.

Here is Giorgia’s testimony: “It was a very challenging experience, but at the same time important for me. It was challenging because we traveled a lot and visited many places, but at the same time we also trained and during the tournament we played morning and afternoon. A unique cultural experience because, as I said, we traveled a lot and I personally didn’t know any of the cities we visited (Rome, Modena, Venice and Pula). In these 10 days I also met fantastic people with whom I shared good times. The issue of language may seem like an obstacle at first, but after the first moment of difficulty it was very useful to discuss and communicate in English.”