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Origin: Modena (MO)- Italy

Sports: Women’s Volleyball


Caterina Cigarini grew up in the youth teams of Anderlini Modena, a club that has always churned out great champions. Thanks to the atmosphere of the Pala Panini, he began to dream big and also participated in collegiate games for the youth national team. But her ambitions took her away from the land of Lambrusco to land first in Florida and then at Missouri Battisti University, where she became one of the most decorated players. In fact, she won the title of NAIA First-team All-American and entered the history not only of her college but also of our country, as she was one of the first Italians to boast of this recognition.

To the sound of bulwarks, Cate dominates the NAIA stats and also the individual awards. both academics and sportsmen! Once back in Italy, she decided to continue her volleyball career and play in A2 for Montale, Modena. After a period at Sportlinx360 as Recruiter Coordinator, today Cate has entered the world of work with great success having become the Social Media Manager of Modena Volley. It’s true, you never forget the atmosphere of Panini!