Elena Ciulli

Birthplace: Italy

Thank you for everything you have done for me and for what you will do for other girls. If it wasn't for you, I would always been waiting for make a change in my life, but now I'm here living my american dream... thanks to you! I owe you so much.

Fabio and Cristina

Birthplace: Italy

Jesica and Elitza meant everything for us and for Carlotta. Together, they form a team that's always available and with patience they listen and respond to every single doubt. A team very aware to each single step that needs to be completed towards the final objective and to make sure that everything goes "the way it is supposed to". Moreover, they are a team that becomes the friend who, during those very melancholic days close to the departure date, holds your hand and reassures you in that this is a once in a lifetime experience. What else to say other than thank you to these incredible women. THANK YOU!

SLX360 students in USA

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Latest news

Is August the end? No! Just the beginning

Who said that the end of August is also the end of traveling and adventures around the world? It is definitely not so for our student-athletes, those fortunate young, smart and determined athletes who start a new life far away from home.

College sports and cinema, the movies you cannot miss

Sports have always inspired Hollywood and the world of film making. There are hundreds of movies about sports and athletes and, believe or not, also about student-athletes and college sports. Many of these movies are also based on true events.

Ready, set, go!

For our student-athletes August is not a month in which they think of holidays, sun and the beach but the time in which they pack, say goodbye to friends and family and get ready to cross the ocean to start their new life adventure in an American college.

Two for Trieste!

After the great presentation "at home" in Rome back in April, Sportlinx360 is determined to finish strong this academic year and continues presenting their project to those (students and their families) who are interested to know how to become a student-athlete in the USA and win an athletic scholarship.