International students

WARNING: several offices in Italy are resuming the conduct of the tests in the classroom. For more specific information see the official site and create an account to check dates and availability. It's the Toefl iBT Special Home Edition version is also still available, which in this period allows students to take the test even from home. See the link for requirements and further details. 

An Italian who aspires to be admitted to an American university must meet the requirements specific academics and take a series of tests:

  • Diploma
  • Take a university entrance exam (SAT or ACT)
  • Demonstrate a certain level of knowledge of the English language through the TOEFL exam.

Not all academic institutions require you to take a language exam and each college is free to require different scores for each language and entrance exam.

Junior Colleges and Community Colleges generally do not require a SAT or ACT, and some do not even require a TOEFL.



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