Beach Volleyball

Beach Volley Scholarships:

A fairly new championship sport, beach volleyball is continuously growing and opportunities to earn scholarships are available! With an average of 15 players on a team and almost 1,000 players currently in the NCAA pyramid and more playing in similiar institutions, chasing your dream of playing sports and earning a degree has never been easier!

Beach Volleyball Season and more info:

The beach volleyball season in the United States at the collegiate level runs from February to May. The regular season takes up a majority of the season, followed by the conference championship and the national championship, if the team is successful enough. At the D-I level, the city of Los Angeles is the home of the first three beach volleyball national champions at the women's level, as USC had won the first two and UCLA the most recent winners.



Athletes we've worked with:

Margherita BianchinFederica FrascaAnna Dalla Vecchia


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