American College Volleyball Showcase



6th EDITION WOMEN'S SHOWCASE June 12th-14th, 2023


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Defined the dates of our unmissable Showcase which, now in its sixth edition, this summer will try to bring the world of colleges as close as possible to Italian and international volleyball players.

The goal is always to ensure that every athlete can demonstrate their athletic, relational and cultural skills with the aim of being considered to obtain an athletic scholarship in a USA University.

The Showcase includes a first evaluation training led by Coach Pat Kendrick while the Tuesday morning session will be led by Coach Luca Cristofani (find their resumes in the staff section). The coaches will be assisted by student-athletes, that is university student-athletes who have already obtained a scholarship for athletic merit in American colleges and who will help in the intercultural and linguistic exchange between athletes, coaches and staff. Tuesday afternoon will be dedicated to the game, there will be matches between teams with prizes for the winners.

In addition to the coaches who will lead practices, other coaches from prestigious American colleges of the most important collegiate American athletic leagues and divisions will also attend all the training sessions, observe and evaluate the athletes.

The program includes accommodation in the splendid setting of the Castelli Romani on the outskirts of Rome, 3 indoor volleyball practices, meetings with the consultants in groups and individually and direct contact with the American coaches both inside and outside the court. There will also be a simulation of the TOEFL test run by our partner Byron Tree School of English.

Location: Frascati (Roma), one of the most beautiful and characteristic towns of Castelli Romani, right outside of Rome.

Room & Board: Domus Park Hotel, via Tuscolana 15 - Frascati (Roma).

Practice gym: Palazzetto dello Sport Frascati, viale Luigi Einaudi 7, 00044 - Frascati (Roma).

Transportation: A permanent transportation service is provided between the hotel and the gym. The participation fee includes transportation to/from the airport or railway station in the time and manner agreed with the organization.

Athletes: The showcase includes a maximum of 28 athletes who will be divided into 2 groups of 14 athletes according to the specific needs of technical training/scrimmages of each session. On the main court there will be a single central court.

Staff: The staff will consist of coordinators, American college coaches, Italian coaches, student-athletes and assistants for material and transport. Other student-athletes, former professional players and Italian coaches are also expected to participate.

Provisional program:


Pat KendrickHead Coach Xavier University of Louisiana (NAIA)

She was a coach for 30 years at NCAA DI's George Mason University and won the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Best Coach Award 8 times, before deciding to move to bring her expertise to Xavier University of Lousiana. After 10 consecutive titles won in the Gulf Coast Athletic Conference, in the recently concluded season, Xavier's volleyball team coached by coach Pat won its second title in the Red River Athletic Conference, thus bringing the record to 11 and thus guaranteeing itself access to the nationals preliminary rounds. Several Italian athletes have been and still are part of the team with a scolarship for sporting merit. Coach Pat has led the training sessions of all our Showcase editions and we are proud to continue to have her with us again this year. 


Special Guest

Luca CristofaniHead Coach at Bartoccini Fortinfissi Perugia Volley (Serie A1)

He is an Italian volleyball coach who has won almost all of the titles that the national volleyball system can offer (except the A1 series ... for now). He's won 15 Italian youth championships, the first in 1995. He's also won the C series, B2 series, B1 and A2 three times, the most recent one this past season 2020-2021 with Acqua&Sapone Roma Volley. He was the head coach of the Peruvian National Team in 2011-2012 and assistant coach of the Italian Senior National Team that won the Mediterranean Games in 2013. He has coached the Italian National Teams U23, U20, and U18 for 7 seasons and is the current technical director of Volleyrò Casal di Pazzi. In this season 2021-2022 he is the head coach of Bartoccini Fortinfissi Perugia Volley in women's Serie A1.




Cost (Tuition): The 400€ fee* includes:

*20€ off for athletes who have attended any previous edition

  • Full room and board at the fantastic Domus Park Hotel from Monday June 12th morning until Wednesday June 14th lunch time;
  • Technically qualified and English proficient staff;
  • English evaluation and TOEFL simulation by certified professors;
  • Information and material on how to obtain an athletic scholarship in a US college through specific presentations and various activities on the American's academic, athletic and cultural systems;
  • Showcase gear;
  • All activities on the current tentative schedule including any trips and evening in the center of Frascati (ice-cream included);
  • Staff available 24/7;
  • Personalized form and individual interview with each of the participants at the end of the event with a report of the evaluation by the American coaches. 

Registrations are also officially open for the conference on Monday June 12th at 21:30: "How to get an athletic scholarship in an American college". The event is free, open - subject to mandatory registration - to athletes, parents and interested in all sports sponsored by USA collegiate leagues. Limited number of seats available. For registration: CLICK HERE 


Registration procedure:

1. Confirm your registration by filling in the participation form. 

2. The participant will receive an email with the next steps:

  • Bank details to make the initial payment of €120,00 and reserve your spot*
  • Procedure to carry out the online English assessment that will allow teachers to determine whether the athlete has the necessary skills to take the TOEFL simulation.

3. The participants will then receive an email for the balance of the participation fee and final confirmation of the registration and assignment place together with a list of things to take to the Showcase. 

Registrations will remain open subject to availability of spots by position.


* In case of cancellation, the initial payment will be refunded in full or in part with the following method: 

- Refund of 100% of the amount in case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure.

- Refund of 100% of the amount  in case of cancellation by April 30th, 2023.

- Refund of 50% of the amount in case of cancellation by May 30th, 2023.

- No refund of the initial payment in case of cancellation after May 30th, 2023, but the athlete will have full credit for participation in a subsequent edition of the Showcase or discount on the contract.


For more information:



In the previous editions 


  •  Over 135 participating athletes who were able to show their talent and skills
  •  More than 25 college coaches (from all over the U.S.) who have viewed, evaluated and offered scholarships to athletes.

Some of the athletes who participated in the previous editions:

  •  Alessia Sgherza and Camilla Tamburini took part in the 2019 edition of the Showcase, where they were noticed by coach Fred Chao, present at the event: after being invited to officially visit the college, in 2020 they both flew overseas to respectively start a Master and an undergraduate at Old Dominion University and play for coach Fred in the University's first historic volleyball season;
  •  Chiara Cucco participated in the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Showcase, obtaining a scholarship that allowed her to start her career as a student athlete at Hofstra University, NY
  •  Emma Erteltova, with her sister Ella she came from Slovakia to participate in the first edition of our Showcase and returned with a scholarship offer to play volleyball and beach volleyball at FIU (Florida International University) where this year she was joined by the sister Ella: she is also part of both the beach and volleyball teams with a sports scholarship..
  •  Margherita Marconi, from the first edition of the Showcase to the NAIA title with Park University - read her story;
  •  Anna Dalla Vecchia, in 2017 he took part in the Showcase, obtaining his scholarship there directly for the Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans; after an excellent first season at this college, her passion for beach volleyball led her to look for solutions that would allow her to practice both beach volleyball and volleyball and therefore continued her path as a student athlete with a bag for sports merit in California at the University of San Francisco where she graduated in 2021; this year she is completing her Masters degree at Chaminade University of Honolulu, Hawaii.;



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