American College Volleyball Showcase

The main goal of this event is written in its name: SHOWCASE. We want to give the opportunity to every volleyball athlete to show her athletic and personal skills as well as her character and devotion for the sport, to US coaches in search of the right student-athletes for their programs.

The event is targeted to players in high school but there are also a few spots reserved for students currently attending university.

The Showcase will be guided by US college coaches assisted by current Italian student-athletes who already obtained their athletic scholarships and will help participants get engaged with coaches and the “American way” of running drills and practices.

The program includes indoor (volleyball) and outdoor (volleyball, swimming pool, green volleyball and beach volleyball) activities.

For those students who are not bilingual in English (either their native language is not English or they do not attend an English-speaking school), it is organized an evaluation of their knowledge in the language. After registration, the student will have the possibility to take a 3 minute online grammatical test from the online website of the Byron Tree School of English. The result will determine if the student has the skills needed to take a one-hour simulation of the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a native speaker professor from the school. The TOEFL test is one of the fundamental tests to be admitted to a US college. 

Location: Trevignano Romano (Roma). The most beautiful city around the Bracciano Lake.

Room and Board: Residenza di Rocca Romana

Athletic Facilities: Campo Sportivo Comunale "Giulio Morichelli" di via Sutri.

English Evaluation: Byron Tree School of English

Check the Tentative Schedule 

Athletes: The Showcase can host a maximum of 60 prospective student-athletes who will be divided into 4 groups of 15 players based on their volleyball skills. The facility will be set up so that 2 teams can practice at the same time.

Staff: The staff includes 2 coordinators, 2 head coaches from the NAIA and NJCAA, 4 student-athletes, and 2 logistics assistants. May also participate other former student-athlees as well as professional volleyball players.

Talent Scouts (Recruiters): Eight NCAA DI head coaches have confirmed their presence at the Showcase, two of which also have beach volleyball programs.

Cost (Tuition): The 700€ fee includes:

  • Full room and board at the fantastic Residenza Rocca Romana;
  • Technically qualified and English proficient staff;
  • English evaluation and TOEFL simulation by certified professors;
  • Presentation and Q&A sessions on how to obtain an athletic scholarship in a US college;
  • Showcase gear;
  • All activities on the current tentative schedule including a possible sightseeing trip, beach volleyball practices and the walk by the lake night outing (ice-cream included);
  • Staff available 24/7;

Registration Procedure:

 1. Fill out the on-line registration form on this link;

 2. Registered participants will receive an e-mail with the next steps to follow:

  • Bank account information to make a €200 deposit and reserve the spot;
  • Procedure to make the on-line English evaluation that would allow professors to decide whether or not  the athlete will be able to take the TOEFL simulation.

 3. Athletes will receive a confirmation e-mail and a list of things to bring to the Showcase. 

4. By the end of may, participants will receive an e-mail with the final program and be asked to make the final payment.