College Sports

Everything you need to know about Eligibility Centers: how, when and why.

Some of the most important collegiate sport associations in the USA use an external agency to assess each prospective student-athlete academic and amateurism status. The role of the NCAA Eligibiity Center and the NAIA Eligibility Center (PlayNAIA) is to determine whether a PSA respects all of the rules to compete in the league, division and sport chosen.


If you qualify as a Prospective Student Athlete then all you need to know is whether you can get an athletic and/or academic scholarship that will help you pay some or all the costs of attending a college in the USA.

You will need to:


Being a non professional athlete (an amateur) is one of the most important athletic requirements to compete for a college or university in the USA.

American system

American colleges (2-year and 4-year schools) have generally an internal Athletic’s Department containing a full administrative structure that goes from the Athletics Director up to a complete marketing and communication staff, events coordinator and athletic material office

What are they

Athletic scholarships are given to those individuals who can demonstrate athletic abilities that could help a college team reach the goals set by the head coach and his or her coaching staff.