BIP World Team

World Team & Global Challenge


Tour: July 6th-17th / Tournament: July 11st-15th


Sportlinx360, in collaboration with Bring It Promotions, is proud to offer a unique opportunity: travel around Europe, play volleyball and improve your knowledge of the English language.

Two highly competitive teams will be created, one U18 and one U23, and there will be many opportunities to show their qualities. The experience will be entirely in English, with experienced coaches from the US and other European countries. In addition to the opportunity to improve their playing skills and English language skills, the athletes will have the opportunity to visit and learn about all the places they will travel to.


This is the itinerary of the 2022 edition:

  • July 7th: arrival in Venice and direct transfer to Maribor, Slovenia, where the first training session will take place
  • July 8th: morning and afternoon training (every day between July 10th and 15th there will be activities or dinners / lunches together with one of the American teams)
  • July 9th: training in the morning and in the afternoon visit of the city of Graz, Austria
  • July 10th: training in the morning, followed by a visit to the city of Maribor, in the evening friendly matches against US teams
  • July 11st: departure for Pula, Croatia. In the evening, opening ceremony of the 15th Annual Global Challenge
  • July 12nd: Tournament Day- Pula, Croatia
  • July 13rd: Tournament Day- Pula, Croatia
  • July 14th: Tournament Day- Pula, Croatia
  • July 15th: Tournament Day- Pula, Croatia 
  • July 16th: departure for Venice, Italy. Afternoon and evening dedicated to visiting the city
  • July 17th: departure from Venice, Italy


Price: €1.400,00

€100 discount for athletes who participated to any edition of the Sportlinx360 Showcase. 

€200 discount for athletes who have started a process to become student-athletes in the USA with Sportlinx360.


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