An investment for the future

March 8, 2022
Roberto, Papà di Benedetta Canfora

"I must say that the assistance of Sportlinx360 was impeccable and we were followed step by step in this adventure. We are living this experience with serenity and are aware that we are investing in our daughter's future. Our daughter has matured a lot, we can say that she is a "different" Benedetta, more independent! First of all, I would say, which is, for now, a very positive experience for Benny both from a sporting and an academic point of view (she has obtained excellent marks in exams and excellent statistics in volleyball).

A dream come true

September 21, 2021
Roberta Picchiante, Mamma di Chiara Di Valerio

"Chiara is incredibly happy. We know it's just the beginning, but it's probably better than we could have ever hoped and imagined. You do a wonderful job. You make many girls' dreams come true. Thanks again!

A huge opportunity

August 23, 2020
Silvia Scaramellini (WVB)

A big thank you to the Sportlinx360 staff for the work done during these months for Michela and the attention they have had for her.

Both my husband and I were really satisfied. Michela will leave next Monday and she is very happy with the opportunity that has been offered to her.

Alessio: energy and enthusiasm

July 16, 2020
Mauro Sommacal

It only took a couple of days to figure out that Jesica and Elitza had an incredibly effective approach with the selected colleges; an approach that consisted precisely, first of all of selecting a list of colleges and universities that could suit Alessio's case - all of them anyway colleges of a certain importance - but what excited us the most is their way of contacting the coaches of every track and field team of the different colleges and not only via emails but also with telephone calls with which they were able to transmit to the coaches the athletic abi

A high level environment

June 14, 2020
Fabio Pagliara

The experience was amazing, I have been 3 times a year to North Carolina to see the college and the environment. Here I found a high level context in all the aspects: athletics, human and academic. It was a positive experience both from an institutional point of view and, especially, from a parent's point of view. 

Thank you Sportlinx360

May 30, 2020
Klizia Costa (WSOC)

My experience with Sportlinx360's staff has been extraordinary and if I would have the opportunity, I would do it all over again without even thinking about it. The staff worked very hard especially the first few months when we had to prepare the documentation, videos and certifications to all the American Universities we were in touch with. During my time in the States, the people that followed me since the very beginning kept reaching out asking how it was going and if everything was okay.

Passion for soccer

May 29, 2020
Mamma Monica (MSOC)

The meeting with Sportlinx360 was crucial for us to be able to fulfill Alessandro's desire to study in the United States while continuing to play soccer, his greatest passion. Jesica and Elitza have helped and supported us with extreme professionalism.

From Slovakia to Florida

May 16, 2020
Emma Erteltova (WVB)
"Getting connected with the Sportlinx360 and going to the Showcase was one of the best decisions I could have made. The Showcase was the first step to fulfill my dream of studying and playing volleyball in the USA, and I cannot be more thankful for how quickly Jesica and Elitza helped me to get the scholarship. I enjoyed this whole process with amazing people and experiences.
Thank you, Sportlinx360, for helping every athlete to follow its American dream."

Play or Study? Why not both?

April 3, 2019
Federica (WVB)

Our experience with Sportlinx360 has been, and still is, excellent. Our daughter Alessia, having concluded the junior volleyball lrague, found herself having to choose between volleyball and university. After so many sacrifices it seemed a defeat. We therefore decided to take a different path so that one thing did not exclude the other.

Better late than never!

September 22, 2018
Ester Talamazzi (WVB)

After a year and a half in the United States, the only regret that I have is that I did not start this experience sooner! The opportunities that this adventure gives me, not only for the present but also the future, are infinite! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Jesica and Elitza, who helped me earn a scholarship to study in the USA!

My American Dream

February 7, 2018
Elena Ciulli (WVB)

Thank you for everything you have done for me and for what you will do for other girls. If it wasn't for you, I would always been waiting for make a change in my life, but now I'm here living my american dream... thanks to you! I owe you so much.

...and the dream will come true...

October 15, 2016
Fabio & Cristina (WSOC)

Jesica and Elitza meant everything for us and for Carlotta. Together, they form a team that's always available and with patience they listen and respond to every single doubt. A team very aware to each single step that needs to be completed towards the final objective and to make sure that everything goes "the way it is supposed to". Moreover, they are a team that becomes the friend who, during those very melancholic days close to the departure date, holds your hand and reassures you in that this is a once in a lifetime experience.

A Proud Mother

April 9, 2016
Laura & Marco (WVB)

I'm the mother of one of the first student-athletes who left for the United States with the help of Sportlinx360. 
My daughter Alice Genna graduated from North Carolina Central University with a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

We felt supported

October 19, 2015
Stefano & Stefanie (WT&F)

We felt supported in a very professional way having also a lot of active participation. When our daughter Nicole started to think about the idea of studying in the USA and joining both of her passions, film studies and track and field, we tried to find information on our own but the task turned out to be impossible.

Beautiful, but not easy

April 23, 2014
Nadia Casciotti (WVB mom)

My daughter is already at her Junior year in the USA. Our experience can be considered positivi in every sense: from Francesca's personal growth to her academics in the different schools she has attended and that have been evaluated and chosen with care and professionalism by Jesica and her staff. This is why I thank them and recommend anyone willing to take this beautiful but not easy path, to get in touch with Sportlinx360.

A magnificent experience

April 18, 2014
Franco Aloisio (WVB dad)

Thank you to Sportlinx360 my daughter Sara is living a magnificent experience in the United States. She has been able to combine the things she loves the most: playing volleyball and studying, and she was able to do it in the beuautiful campuses of the American schools and with a full athletic scholarship.