What do I need to know


First of all it is very important that you completely share this project with your child and that you are willing to help them, not only to understand how the american college system works, but also to help them out in preparing and filling out all the needed documentation. Having to take international tests will not be easy for your kid, specially if the results will not come in a timely manner. You should help your child decide which school to go to and many other decisions that will be key for their future.

Specially if your child is on his last year of secondary school, parents support will be determinant as the many athletic and academic commitments for the last year of school will leave even less time for studying and getting ready for the American College experience.

As a parent, you need to know:

  • in many sports, athletic scholarships are assigned many years in advanced; yes, years, and not months. Therefore it is very important that you get informed as soon as possible regarding how athletic scholarships are assigned for your child's sport;
  • in many cases, athletic scholarships are only partial and it is then fundamental that you motivate your kids to do well in school and while taking international tests so that they may also qualify for academic aid and therefore obtain a more complete financial package;
  • for all team sports, it will be necessary to create one or more highlights videos. We suggest you start recording as many games as possible;
  • admissions to US colleges happens generally before May 1st of each year, but in many cases, application deadlines are sometime at the end of february or march;
  • there are an infinite number of documents and forms you will need to complete; but don't worry, we will help you go through this process with tranquility and professionalism.