USA Volleyball Summer Experience

In partnership with VB Rags Volleyball Academy, the #1 Junior Volleyball Club in New Jersey, USA, we created a one of a kind summer program to allow international players to improve English skills, introduce them to the American culture and the life of a prospective student-athlete, while providing them with World Class Advanced Volleyball Training during a 3-week period.

Coach Carly Rivera is the founder of VB Rags Volleyball, one of the most successful junior clubs in Puerto Rico, which relocated to New Jersey in 2014. VB Rags Volleyball is now the #1 Junior Volleyball Club in New Jersey and is well known for providing World Class Volleyball Training. Carly's commitment to excellence is evidenced in the results VB Rags Volleyball has obtained throughout the years, and his experience working with international players makes him a perfect partner for Sportlinx360.

Following you can see some of VB Rags Advanced Volleyball Training from 2017:


Event Program:

  • Players will arrive in New Jersey between, July 12th and 15th and will be hosted by VB Rags Volleyball Academy's club families
  • During the week of July 16-20th, the girls will participate in Advanced Small Group Training Sessions designed by position, with other high-potential VB Rags club players. Practice sessions will be 3 hrs long in the morning to allow players to have free time in the afternoon with their host families (visit New York City, which is only 45 mins away, visit the beach, and visit several local major universities, etc....)
  • During the week of July 23-27th, players will continue with small group training sessions in the morning, and after lunch break, will participate in the college camp at Seton Hall University, an NCAA D1 program in South Orange, NJ, from 1:30-4pm
  • On July 30th to Aug 2nd, Monday to Thursday, players will participate in the VB Rags Advanced Volleyball Invitation-only camp, with all positions, from 9am-12pm, then will have free time for fun and cultural activities in the afternoon
  • On Aug 3rd, Friday, players will depart for San Juan, Puerto Rico in the morning, a 3.5 hr flight. While in Puerto Rico, players will be transported to Isabela, a small beach town in the northwest of the island, where they will participate in team training with Coach Carly Rivera and two of Puerto Rico's finest coaches: Coach Humberto Rodriguez, FIVB Certified Instructor & Puerto Rico's most decorated Coach in the history of the Puerto Rican Professional League, and with Coach Charlie Ramirez, one of Puerto Rico's most successful club coaches, who was Team VB Rags' first ever coach, and who has years of experience in the Puerto Rican Professional league, as well as the Puerto Rican Junior National Team program.
    The training will be in the morning, 9am to 12 pm. In the afternoons and evenings players will be free to explore Puerto Rico with their hosts and enjoy the fantastic beaches in the area.
  • The group will fly from PR to NJ on Monday August 6th, and on Tuesday August 7th players will return to Italy.

In addition to participating in the Seton Hall University Camp, we will take the players on a visit of the following Colleges:
- Saint Johns University
- Princeton University
- Rutgers University


Cost: US $1,500.00

This includes:

  • July 16th-20th, and July 23th-27th : Small Group training 
  • July 30-Aug 2nd: VB Rags Invitation-only camp (9am-12pm) - Seton Hall University Camp  (1:30-4pm)
  • Aug 4th and Sunday Aug 5th:  Training in Puerto Rico on Saturday (8am-1pm)