US college costs

When a child is born in the USA, many middle and upper-class families open a savings account for the newborn that will become the principal means of funding for future college student. Most important birthday presents as well as any kind of accomplishments on and off the classroom will usually become money towards the college fund.

There are thousands of college institutions in the USA, either 2 years or 4 years, and therefore the cost of attending is very different among universities and depends mainly on the academic level and the location of the institution.

Completing a degree in the USA could cost a minimum of US$12.000 to a maximum of US$28.000-US$30.000 for 2 years Junior Colleges, while 4-year institutions will start at around US$23.000-US$25.000 and go up to US$58.000-US$62.000 a year.


Breaking Down Costs

The above-mentioned costs include the following items: 

  • Tuitions and fees;
  • Room and board;
  • Books.

Other than the main expenses, international students will also have to pay for: 

  • Tickets to and from school at least twice a year;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Miscellaneous (personal expenses);
  • Federal and State taxes (in the case the student has received financial aid from the school and/or he or she works on campus).


For a more comprehensive list of expenses you may incur during this process and updated pricing for documentation, please click this link. (Registration needed)