Rugby Scholarships:

Classified as an emerging sport for women in 2002, collegiate rugby has been touted as one of the fastest growing sports in the USA. While the NCAA does sanction a small minority of the collegiate rugby squads, most of the matches are played under the regulations set forth by USA Rugby. As the sport grows, the opportunities to earn a scholarship become more and more available. Currently, USA Rugby updates their Scholarships page frequently to showcase the different schools offering opportunities to play at the next level. The majority of teams involved play 15s, but 7s is also played.



Rugby Season and more info:

Played mostly in the fall with some editions in the early spring, the championships for both DIA Rugby and the NCAA differ. The most recent champions for the men's game is Saint Mary's University (2018) and the most recent champion for the women's game is Penn State University (2018). 



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