The term Recruiting refers to the process by which a coaching staff contacts and eventually invites a prospective student-athlete to be part of an athletic college team. Recruiting is a process, and as such, it takes time.

Recruiting Process

In America and for many sports, this process starts during the first or second year of secondary school and it lasts until the prospect has accepted one of the offers being made by a coaching staff which can happen as earlier as their sophomore year of high school but usually during their junior year (for 4-year high school systems); instead, it may rarely happen during the third year but more often during the fourth year -or the fifth year- for those students attending 5-year high school systems.

For international students, unfortunately this process usually doesn't start as early as their sophomore year (mainly because they don't get the information needed early enough) and therefore most international prospects don't have as many opportunities as Americans do in finding the best fit.

There are many rules about recruiting that coaches and prospects have to respect and therefore it is important that those involved in the process are aware of their duties and responsibilities, of the do's and dont's of recruiting.

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