Our mission


The problem we have identified:  Over the years as competitive athletes, we have discovered that it is very difficult to combine an appropriate sport and academic levl and that many times adolescents arrive at a crossroads where they have to choose between continuing high-level competitive sports or dedicate themselves to university studies.


The solution we propose: Promote the possibility of becoming a student-athlete in the United States, a path that combines sporting and academic desire, creates an unforgettable life experience as well as proficiency of the most spoken language in the world.


Our vision:  A world where competitive athletes can also excel in academia through the continuous support of institutions and professors.


Our mission: To allow every competitive student-athlete to pursue a university career up to its full potential.

Use the skills of the student-athlete to cover most of the expenses associated to complete a a university degree.


Our values: 

  • Dedication to customers
  • Customized path
  • Continuous training
  • Networking
  • Innovation