Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Scholarships:

Dubbed as one of the "Big Four" sports in America, the appeal and excitement for hockey at the collegiate and professional level has never been bigger. With almost 5,000 male athletes and close to 2,500 female athletes, there are a plethora of opportunities to win scholarships! For example, at the NCAA D-I level, because hockey is considered an equivalency sport, athletes have the chance to win on average $15,530 per year. At the NAIA level, athletes earn slightly less, almost $6,000, but the cost of attendance is lower and the specialization is usually higher in degree choice. If playing hockey is your dream, Sportlinx360 can help you achieve it!

Image result for ncaa hockeyHockey Season and More Info:

The hockey season begins in early October and culminates with conference and national championships in March/early April. Most famously, the NCAA D-I level hosts the "Frozen Four" yearly, similiar to basketball's "Final Four", to decide a national champion. Moving on to the athletes, one important fact to know about collegiate hockey in the United States: all players have to play junior hockey before they move on to the university level due to eligibility rules.

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