How to win an athletic scholarship

Acquiring our services means start a process that will allow the correct evaluation of  the Prospective Student-Athlete (PSA)  in possibly becoming a Student-Athlete (SA) in an American institution and win an athletic scholarship.


Sportlinx360 will evaluate the PSA on these fields:

  • Academic credentials;
  • English proficiency;
  • Athletic abilities on the sport;
  • Amateur status.

While this evaluation is in course, our staff will offer information on:

  • How and what to write on an athletic resume;
  • How to prepare recruiting videos;
  • How to register to international tests such as the SAT or the ACT and the TOEFL.

With all of this information, our staff will create a roster of schools that could eventually offer the PSA an athletic scholarship. We will contact individually the coaches of each school in the roster while we will also upload the full profile to our database for all coaches to see.


While the PSA's profile is being evalutated by the recruiters and coaching staffs around america, Sportlinx360 will guide the student onto the next steps: 

  • Prepare all high school transcripts;
  • Officially translate them into English and evaluate them, if needed;
  • Register on the NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Center or fill out the NJCAA forms on amateurism;
  • Organize and send to an evaluation agency all university programs to get an official credit count (for university students only).

Once we start receiving positive answers from US coaches, we will contact the PSA and present him or her with the details of the institution. We will specifically analyze:

  • Academics requirements (GPA, TOEFL and SAT/ACT scores needed);
  • Degrees offered;
  • Athletic program history and future development (league and level participation);
  • Scholarship offer.

When the PSA has selected a school, our staff will help him complete admissions procedures for the school and any other administrative documentation needed.


When the PSA has been admitted, the school will send him a document with the official athletic and/or acaemic scholarship and a list of documents that need to be presented at the American Embassy or Consolate to obtain a student visa.

At this point we will:

  • Verify that the documents are correct and that the offer is what has been promised;
  • Help the PSA complete all the required forms and get an appointment at the embassy;
  • Prepare the PSA on what to expect at the appointment to get a student visa.


Once the PSA, now officially a student-athlete, has left his or her home country, the Sportlinx360's staff will continue to be available for him and his family if any questions or comments will arise. Questions such as if a SA can work in the USA or how to switch degrees or even schools, we can certainly answer and help them get solved.