Football Scholarships:

Arguably one of the most famous sports in the world, American football can provide numerous opportunities to earn scholarships. With over 890 universities sponsoring a competitive team, almost 93,000 athletes and an average roster size of 103, one can see why football is such a massive sport in the United States.  In the D-I (FBS) level of the NCAA, the average scholarship amount is USD$ 21,749. 

Because football is massive in the United States, the level of competition is extremely high. Prospective students should possess the skills necessary to compete at the next level. Typically, a high-school athlete in the United States will play focus and focus on football year-round, and the same can be said for an athlete in college.


Football Season and More info:

The football season in the United States usually begins the first week in September, running until December. The competitive structure, as every other sport, is broken down into a conference where teams from the same region play against one another. After, conference champions and the "best of the rest" compete in a playoff structure. Most famously known at the the D-I level, after the regular season ends, "Bowl Season" commences, where teams are paired up against one another in various title games. The last game of the bowl season is the College Football Playoff Championship.




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