Everything you need to know about Eligibility Centers: how, when and why.

Some of the most important collegiate sport associations in the USA use an external agency to assess each prospective student-athlete academic and amateurism status. The role of the NCAA Eligibiity Center and the NAIA Eligibility Center (PlayNAIA) is to determine whether a PSA respects all of the rules to compete in the league, division and sport chosen.

The timing for starting your registration to one or both Eligibility Centers will be given by one of the Sportlinx360 staff since it will depend on the results of your search for scholarships and the results obtained.

Then NCAA Eligibility Center is the most complicated one as it has many sections to fill in. You need to allocate about 15-20 minutes to fully complete it and have all of your athletic and academic information with you. In any case, you can always save your profile and return when you have the missing information.

Please do not pay the final fee until someone from Sportlinx360 has reviewed your profile. This is very important because once you've made a payment you cannot change whatever information you've previuosly entered.

This is how it looks the NCAA Eligibility Center home page. To create an account you need to go to the top-right corner and click on NEW ACCOUNT.

The profile you need to create has 3 main sections you need to complete: ABOUT ME, MY COURSEWORK and MY SPORTS.

The ABOUT ME section has 4 parts to be completed: INTRODUCTION, BASIC INFO, CONTACT INFO and WERE I'VE LIVED while MY COURSE WORK has 5 parts to be completed: INTRODUCTION, GENERAL COURSEWORK, SCHOOLS, ADDITIONAL COURSEWORK and ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS. Finally, MY SPORTS section has a lot of details that need to be completed for your specific sport and that we will explain in the next sections.