Cycling Scholarships:

In the United States, cycling is considered an up-and-coming "niche" sport. As it continues to grow, more and more scholarships opportunities will become available. USA Cycling is the governing body that sanctions the competitions at the collegiate level. Their goal is to increase exposure and participation for one of the world's most beautiful sports. Regulating all types of competition with more than 300 club teams, odds are favorable that your dream university will have a cycling squad. In terms of scholarships, USA Cycling is offering four unique scholarships to help fund the student-athlete experience. These are awarded to the top cyclists in both the men's and women's competitive scene. 

Image result for college cycling usaCycling Season and More Info:

There are eleven regional conferences and 5 championship competitions that athletes and teams can compete in. Typically held during the international cycling season, competitions at both the varsity and club level allow the next generation of cyclists to shine. 

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