Coaching in America

*Please note this service is meant for non US college coaches.

Unlike most european professional or semi-professional leagues, to become a US college coach a candidate must have several requirements other than the specific coaching skills for the sport. Most American schools hire only coaches who have been awarded at least a Bachelor's degree and sometimes may also be required a Master's degree. The degrees do not have to be on a discipline related to sports such as physical education or sports managament; in fact many coaches do not have any of these degrees.

Because college coaches are part of the university staff, such as the Athletic Director or the President of the university are, to be able to apply for a position as a coach a candidate will follow the procedures such as it happens in any company: resumes are sent to the open position and the best ones are selected for the next step which is usually a series of meetings with one or more university representatives to determine who has the best set of skills for the job.

Our service offers a number of initiatives to help non-american coaches apply for college coaching positions in the USA. It will help the candidate understand how the american college system works and how to develop all the documentation needed to have a resume being taking into consideration.

Specifically, we offer the opportunity of:

  • get in touch with coaches currently in the USA to either visit their college or work with them during summer camps to create a personal network;
  • help in creating and making corrections to the candidate's resume;
  • give important tips on how to write cover letters;
  • assist the candidate in selecting the most appropriate references and indicate the most important information that needs to show on the reference letter;
  • help the candidate create online profiles on the main websites specialized in job searching for college coaches.