Basketball Scholarships:

As one of the most popular college sports in America, the opportunities to earn a scholarship for basketball are nearly endless at all levels of the collegiate game. In 2017-2018 alone, there were 2,023 schools that sponsored the sport at the collegiate level, ranging from Division I to local 2-year institutions. There are over 60,000 athletes competing currently, with an average of 16 players on a team. While there are many athletes and teams, the level of competition is continually raised each year with new recruiting classes possessing stronger skills and traits than the previous ones. Typically, prospective college athletes played on an AAU* or other travel/club squad in addition to their high school teams. 

Basketball Season and More Info:

The basketball season in the United States at the collegiate level runs from November to early April of the next year. The beginning of the season starts with kick-off mini-tournaments (usually for the best squads of NCAA D-I), followed by interconference play, the conference tournaments and finally, the national tournaments. Most famously, the best performing regular season and conference tournament winning teams of NCAA D-I compete in the famous March Madness tournaments. While this tournament is the most well known, all levels of the collegiate game have their own editions of a national basketball tournament. 

Athletes we've worked with:

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