Acronyms & Definitions

BA – Bachelor of Arts
BAS – Bachelor of Applied Science
BIS – Bachelor of Individualized Study
BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts
BM – Bachelor of Music
BS – Bachelor of Science
BS Ed – Bachelor of Science in Education
BSN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BSW – Bachelor of Science in Social Work


ACT (American College Test) – One of the entrance tests required to be admitted to an American college.

ADMISSION AND ADMISSIONS OFFICE – Procedure including all the paperwork required for admission to US colleges and offices that deals with the management of these procedures.

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) – The path to obtain a first level degree characterized by "General Requirements" in the arts.

B.S.(Bachelor of Science) – The path to obtain a first level degree characterized by "General Requirements" in science.

BEING ELIGIBLE/ELIGIBILITY – Authorization by the university leagues to compete in their leagues after verification of the necessary requirements.

COST OF ATTENDANCE – How much the college costs.

COURSE SCHEDULE – The list of classes that a student is enrolled in during the Fall/Spring/Summer term.

DORM – University dormitory.

DS-160 – USA visa application form.

EMERGING SPORTS –Sports not yet sponsored by university leagues, but in the testing phase.

F1 (VISA) – Student visa.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT – Statement of financial availability.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS – The required curriculum that makes up the foundation of an undergraduate degree.

HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO – Video edited with sports actions relevant to the sport practiced and highlighting the characteristics of the prospective student athlete.

I-20 – Document issued by the university admissions office necessary to obtain the student visa from the embassy (F1).

IELTS – International English Language Testing System - International exam that certifies the level of knowledge of the English language.

MAJOR – Academic path chisen by the university student. Upon completion of the major, the student obtains an undergraduate degree.

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS – The basic required courses thats students must meet for a given major or degree.

MEDICAL FORM – Medical form of the athlete's current health and medical history.

MINOR – Further university specialization that can be achieved in parallel during the course of the undergraduate degree.

NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) – Association that brings together all the assessment centers authorized and recognized by American colleges.

NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) – Sports league of American colleges which includes small and medium-sized universities and some religious institutes.

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) – Major US college sports league in turn divided into Division I, Division II and Division III.

NLI (NATIONAL LETTER OF INTENT) – Written agreement between a college and a PSA in which the college formally agrees to offer the student a scholarship for sporting merit lasting one academic year.

NONIMMIGRANT VISA – Non-immigrant visa for those wishing to travel to the United States for a limited time. This category includes the student visa required to be able to attend a college in the USA.

ON-CAMPUS - Located within the university campus.

PRE-REQUISITES AND CO-REQUISITES – A pre-requisite means a course or other requirement that a student must have taken prior enrolling to a specific course or program. A co-requisite means a course or other requirement that a student must take at the same time as another course or program.

PSA (PROSPECTIVE STUDENT-ATHLETE) – One who plans to become a college student and represent his college in the college sports championships in which he participates. From the moment the PSA is admitted to college, team and university sports league, he becomes a student-athlete or student athlete.

RECRUITING – Process by which the staff of a university team research and establish contacts with prospective student-athletes (PSA).


SAT (SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE TEST) – One of the entrance tests required to be admitted to an American college.

SCHOLARSHIP – Scholarship for sporting or academic merit.

SUMMER COURSES - Summer university courses.

SYLLABUS- A document that outlines all the essential information about a college course. It lists the topics you will study, as well all the due dates of any coursework such as tests, quizzes and exams.

TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) – Exam required by most universities and Junior Colleges in the United States that measures a candidate's abilities to listen, read, speak and write English at the university level.

TRANSCRIPTS – School or university certificates (report cards, diplomas, university booklets, certificates of exams taken, etc.).

TRANSFER – Student already enrolled at university (in the USA or in other countries) who intends to move to another college where he can continue his studies.

WT&F – Women's Track & Field.