Francesca Rossi. An experience that began with the Showcase

Monday, June 21, 2021
We interviewed Francesca Rossi, now a student-athlete at Laramie County Community College who participated in the 3rd edition of the 2019 American College Volleyball Showcase. 
Tell us about your Showcase experience. How did you feel about it?
The Showcase was a great opportunity for me, I will not lie, at the beginning I was very agitated, I did not know if I would be at the level or if I would be able to show myself at my best, but all that vanished from the first moment I put foot on the court: I realized how much there was no need for anxieties or fears because from then on it would have depended only on myself and my abilities. It was a unique experience, in a few days I met many girls, but above all I was able to see and try a high-level volleyball and I had the opportunity to be coached by American coaches.
What have impressed you in particular about the Showcase?
Perhaps the most beautiful thing for me was the atmosphere that was during my stay there, I was surrounded by girls with whom I shared the same passion and the same dream, I felt in the right place at the right time.
Your American Dream. What has this experience given you and what is still giving you?
This is a seemingly simple question, but the answer would not be so. I would need so much more to be able to express how much this experience has changed me and continues to do so. It is a path that inevitably changes you, first of all as a person: you grow, mature, evolve in all respects, once you leave it's you and nobody else. It wasn't easy, especially at the beginning, but a little bit like all things in life, there will never be anything that will immediately go smoothly as oil, and I can say that it is thanks to the difficulties encountered in this path that I have become the person I am today: discover a part of you never seen. I was very close to my mom before this experience, at the thought of leaving my family I was crying, but I can tell you that once I arrived there, after exactly one week America became my second home, I found special people, my best friends , and I have been in contact with different cultures that have enriched me more and more. As a player I had the biggest change, I started in a way and I can say that now I have achieved results that I never thought I would achieve, satisfactions that with hard work are even more satisfying, I was lucky enough to relate to volleyball different from the Italian one and I was able to play against very strong teams that have always helped me to give my best and push myself to the maximum.
What was the support of Sportlinx360?
Sportlinx360 was fundamental for me, I received really significant help from them, without it I would never have reached where I am now. Every doubt, every fear, every problem were always there to reassure me and resolve any and I will never thank them enough for it! It is a special experience, but with them by my side it was even more so.
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