From Wyoming to Florida, Alessia Venturelli's adventure

Sunday, February 28, 2021

«Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans».

This quote seems to be perfect to tell Alessia Venturelli's American adventure.

Her path was different from the initial plans and this probably built her even more and made her grow. This is Alessia Venturelli's story, Sportlinx360 student-athlete who tells us her experience: 

 “According to the initial plans I was supposed to do the first two years at a junior college in Jacksonville, Florida, but some things went wrong before I even left, which is why I then found myself at Laramie County Community College, Wyoming, where I spent my first year before moving to my current University. Despite the change of plans at the last second, I am today very happy with the choice I made. Laramie County Community College is definitely a smaller and less distracting environment and this was key to reducing the shock of the big change. Moreover, at the beginning I was still struggling a lot with my English and being at a junior college my first year helped me. I found helpful professors who assisted with my integration and a suitable environment to grow and learn. As for volleyball, I immediately felt comfortable with coaches and teammates, they also helped me a lot and welcomed me very much."

From the beginning Alessia showed a great ability to adapt, she had a wonderful first experience in Wyoming as she herself confirms: “I enjoyed my staying at Laramie County Community College so much that for a while I considered the idea of staying the second year as well. I have met many special people with whom I still text almost every day. I immediately felt accepted on the team and I quickly bonded with all my teammates. the fact that we were a very close team certainly contributed to the many victories we achieved that season, which took us all the way to the national finals in which we finished ninth. As for Wyoming, it is certainly a very different place from Italy, yet this change has helped me a lot, it has allowed me not only to see new places, but also to compare myself with people with different cultures and ideas, making me discover new sides of my character and helping me grow as a person. ”

Today Alessia is at the University of North Florida, certainly a completely different environment: “Florida is a completely different scenario than Wyoming, but once again I am grateful that I got to know them both. Honestly, I am in love with this University. The campus is beautiful, in a nature reserve, full of green spaces, but above all it is located 15 minutes from the beach where I go every time I have some free time. Academically, I fit in very well, I like what I'm studying, the level is good and the professors are very competent and always available. I like my team as well, the level is certainly higher than that of junior college and our team is improving every year. One of the things I like most about UNF is that it's like a big family”.

Even at the academic level, during her career, Alessia has changed: “I started studying marine biology because I was very interested in the subject and because Florida is the perfect place to study this kind of thing, but last year I changed my major and I am currently studying molecular and cellular biology and biotechnology. The reason of this choice was a bit due to a change of interest, but also the fact that it will probably allow me to have more job opportunities in the future. I still don't know what I will want to do after graduation, right now, perhaps because of what is happening in the world, I am thinking of specializing in areas such as pharmacology or virology, but everything is still to be seen.”

Speaking of choices, we asked her when the idea and the desire to fly to the States was born: “Let's say that I always had this idea of wanting to study abroad, so much that I initially thought about doing my fourth year of high school in the United States. It all materialized when during my last year of high school I received a message on Facebook from Jesica who talked about the possibility of becoming a student-athlete in USA attaching the Sportlinx360 website link. Still undecided about my volleyball career and knowing that I wanted to continue studying I started to get more interested in it and after talking to Jesica and Elitza I convinced myself to embrace this project. Sportlinx360 was fundamental as it supported me throughout the path, informed me about the fundamental steps to be able to leave, but above all it put me in contact with universities and coaches. If it wasn't for them this experience would probably still be a pipe dream”.

At Venturelli's, volleyball is a family matter as his sister also plays volleyball, today together with our Caterina Cigarini for Montale Volley (A2). A passion born from an early age: “I started playing volleyball when I was about 7 years old. My sister being older was already playing and certainly this made me want to start. The passion was great right from the start, I loved playing and I enjoyed spending time in the gym with my friends. At the age of 14 I started playing for Scuola di Pallavolo Anderlini in Modena where I then stayed for all the club years. Those were the years that formed me as a player and made me passionate even more, so much that once I turned 18 I knew I had to keep playing, which is why I chose to go to the States where it is a lot simplier to bring together sport and study”.

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