Welcome Coach Donev

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

We are extremely proud and delighted to announce a new entry in the Sportlinx360 staff. Kos Donev, contact person for soccer, joins our family.

Kos is a professional with thirty years of experience as a coach and scout with a particular focus on American University soccer. For us, he is an absolute asset for a discipline that is consistently developing in the United States. 

Coach Donev will serve as a bridge between our potential soccer student-athletes and USA Universities during the recruitment process in order to find each player the program that best fits his or her athletic and academic profile.

Why did we include Coach Donev in our staff? Because with over 30 years of career and experience as head coach at all sports level of American colleges, he is a profound expert of the sector. His dense network of contacts with numerous coaches of the University system and his large knowledge of the discipline allow him to find the most suitable solutions for student-athletes who want to undertake this path.

Our goal is to offer more opportunities to win a scholarship for those who want to pursue an academic level course without giving up players soccer. Coach Donev, having himself led teams in all the Universities leagues, will be able to present the profiles of the student-athletes to the coaches and help them in assessing the sporting and athletic qualities of each recruit in the best possible way.

A coach with a high profile, verified by his career and the results achieved.

Symbol and soccer icon at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), where he made the history of the sports program as head coach. Kos contributed to the transition of the soccer program from NAIA to NCAA division II and subsequently to NCAA division I, the most prestigious league in the American college system.

Coach Donev was also a big contribution during the development of several facilities at FAU, participating in the project of building 5 brand new fully illuminated regulatory fields. Another fundamental step he achieved was the creation of the women's team.

He has coached in several conferences, measuring himself in The Atlantic Sun Conference, The Atlantic Soccer Conference, Mid-America Conference (MAC) and Conference-USA. As head-coach in 1989 he won first place in the NCAA division II. Subsequently, he led the FAU team to the ninth place in the national ranking in 1991 and the following year he managed to improve the score reaching the seventh position.

A process of constant improvement of the team under the guidance of Coach Donev, with two semi-finals appearances (1997 and 1998) and a loss in the final in 1999. In 2007 he won the Atlantic Soccer Conference (the second absolute FAU) and the transition to the more competitive Mid-American Conference (MAC) in 2008.

Today he is the Athletic Director of a soccer school in Boca Raton, Florida.

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