From the U.S.A. to England: Andrea Maggio's trip

Thursday, September 5, 2019

We want to tell Andrea's story, that is tightly tied to Federico Pagliara's experience, between the United States and the new adventure in England. As always we contacted him for information and details, with the intention of writing our in-depth analysis. His spontaneous words convinced us and we decided to let him tell his story, his experience and above all his emotions. We publish the full text of the email he sent to our press office.

This is what our student-athletes live. We give the floor to Andrea Maggio. 

"When I was in America, at the end of the semester of my Senior year and then close to graduation, I got a message from a friend, Federico Pagliara: he was coaching the men's and women's Volleyball at Northumbria University, in Newcastle (UK). We spoke on the phone and he offered me to go to England for a master and play for the University team with a sports scholarship for volleyball: the same path I was doing in the United States, but in England.

After receiving this offer I was doubtful, I liked living in US. That period was really difficult and scatterbrained for me. I was constantly asking my family and friends for advice on what was the best decision for me. Meanwhile, we were preparing for National Finals, I had the last exams to take at the university,  I had to prepare for my degree,too and I had to decide about what I would do after I graduated: with this lifestyle it was hard to find time also for thinking! 

I wanted to keep wandering, I didn't want to stay in the same place where iI have spent the last four years. I wanted to change, even if I enjoyed my time in Missouri. 

I started sending resumes around America with the hope of getting a job,  but in the meantime I was always thinking about England: the idea tickled me more and more, and I did not stop thinking and thinking about what I had to do. I had found a good job in America, even in a nice place that many people would have longed for. 

But I felt inside that the desire to continue to study and play was too strong, I still wanted to grow, to visit new places, and to have new experiences.

Then one day I made up my decision, I called Federico and said "Fede, I accept, I want to come there".

Today I find myself a few days before leaving for Newcastle, where I was admitted into their renowned Business School where I will do a Masters in International Business Management. On the volleyball side, on the other hand, I will find teammates from all over the world, good players , and a challenging championship. I can't wait.

I thank my family and friends who have been close to me and who supported me in the last four years (even miles and miles away), to all the friends from all over the world that I met in America and that I will always carry with me, to Sportlinx360 who gave me the opportunity to live the most beautiful experience of my life, and to those who gave me the opportunity toto start this new adventure in Europe. 

America gave me a lot, made me grow so much and build me up. I experienced the best "American Dream" I could imagine.

Tomorrow I'll be back in America, who knows, but for now I want to enjoy new dreams. "