Study. Play. Win. The value of a trophy in the USA

Thursday, December 24, 2020

In American culture it is very important to show recognition for the achievement of a goal or a performance: from the workplace to the studies up to the sports field.

As it can be seen in many US-made movies and TV series (the most recent one "All-American"), Americans aspire to receive these trophies and awards.

In the workplace, the best employees are awarded every month and every year, in the school environment at the end of each semester the students with the highest average are recognized and if the student is also an athlete then the prize is double.

In fact, in US Colleges precisely for the student-athletes there are many trophies to reward the dedication and sacrifices that are daily requested to the athletes of all Univeristy's Leagues and Divisions.

The awards for the athletes are assigned by the Conference Committee, they are called "All-Conference" and they go to the players that have distinguished themselves the most during regular season: three different "teams" are created in which the first team includes the best 10 athletes of the entire conference. In the same way it works for regions with "All-Region" and consequently the "All-Americans" are announced. The latter is the most desirable award by all American athletes as only the best in the country, 14 per team in volleyball, will receive it. In addition, the best for each position are recognized as well, for example in volleyball besides from MVP there is best attacker, defender and setter. Another particularly important award for freshmen is "Freshman of the year"  which crowns the best athlete in their first year of college.

Regarding the academic part, the student-athletes who have also distinguished themselves in the classroom are selcted the same way. This prize is also awarded to teams by calculating the average GPA of the entire team.


Particularly curious is the shape of one of these awards. While for the All-American they deliver a plaque to hang on the wall and a sort of cup/crystal object and for the All-Academics a certificate and a plaque, for the Conference and National Champions, in addition to a huge cup, they give the famous "ring", the ring that is so desired by all Americans. In fact, instead of the typical medal we are used to, US Collegse athletes receive this ring on which they find their last name, jersey number, date, university and conference or national title engraved: the college has it customized with its own colors and lots of glitter that makes this jewel quite flashy. The ceremony in which these awards are given, called Hall of Fame Banquet, is also very cherished.

Some of our athletes who managed to get the highly contested "ring" are in the first place Margherita Marconi who with Park University achieved the great goal of winning the NAIA national title in 2018, the first Sportlinx360 athlete to reach this milestone and probably the first and the only italian to do it.

Winners of their conferences are Erica Di Maulo and Rachele Rastelli with St Johns University in 2019, Chiara Bosetti with American University in 2019, Vicky Giommarini with VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University)  in 2017, Caterina Cigarini with MBU (Missouri Baptist University) in 2017, Silvia Grassini with Towson University in 2019 and Michela Rucli with Hofstra University in 2018.





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