Staff Sportlinx360: The Words of Damiano Ferlito

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Damiano has had a passion for sports since childhood from his volleyball career at age 15 to his debut in Serie B with Casal Bertone Volley. Today he is a coach present particularly in the youth sector of Sportacademy360 and also in the women's open categories, as coach of Volley Casal de' Pazzi, Nuovo Montona Cecilia, and Volleyro' Casal Bertone.

We interviewed Damiano Ferlito, coach, and collaborator of the Sportlinx360 communication area.

"Working with Sportlinx360 allows me to experience sports from a totally new and very stimulating perspective, specifically in the technical field. I was lucky enough to be able to observe Coaches at the international level closely and learn the various training methods on the field, but also through video games and reading articles and insights.  I had my first experience coaching in my early 20s and I must say that thanks to Sportlinx360 I grew up quickly, especially through the comparison with other realities and great characters such as Luca Cristofani and Claudio Scafati. For me this is a great professional and life experience. "

Have any moments stuck out to you with Sportlinx360? Certainly leading the training group at the Tryouts in Milan last January was beautiful and very satisfying because I saw young athletes motivated and eager to face this "challenge" in American volleyball, becoming student-athletes at colleges and Universities. I really admire those who decide to take this path, those who with determination embark on the Student-Athlete path: the long journey, a country completely different from ours, a different language, sport, and above all study. It takes a lot of courage and preparation, the results are also very important to me: I love to see the kids who have left or who are currently experiencing this experience return positively changed both as people and as athletes."

We often ask the Sportlinx360 athletes and today we take the opportunity to ask you, Is it possible to combine the study with competitive sport? "From personal experience I say that it is possible but very challenging. The two things are unfortunately, except in very rare cases, activities carried out in different structures and contexts.  Both the university professor and the coach expect maximum effort from you as a student and as an athlete, even for the simple logistical fact related to travel, it is difficult to put the necessary effort into both fields and often you are forced to leave one of the two roads. Studying and playing sports at a high level means sacrifice. Passion and determination are the only things that make everything possible. Mine is the Italian experience, however, a context like the United States, where sport and study are enclosed under a single institution can certainly facilitate the binomial study-competitive sports experience. As you can read from the testimonies of the student-athletes who decided to take the path in the USA with our help, there are talks about a totally different reality in which the teachers are the first to incentivize sports activity, and the coaches are the first to incentivize academic activity, meeting each other in the middle to ensure that the student-athlete has the best experience in each category."

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