Rugby | Life University. The present and the future of Filippo Parasmo

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Filippo told us about his experience so far at Life University, between his studies in Business Administration and rugby.

You arrived in America after a few summer experiences. When did you start thinking about this experience and what was your athletic and linguistic journey ?

My first two years of high school I went to Ireland for a study trip. I have always loved travelling, plus I have always wanted to do an experience abroad to improve my english. My third year in high school I decided to change my destination trying a completely new country like the United States. Together with Sportlinx360 we did some research and we found out that Life University was offering rugby summer camps. So I decided to go to America with a double purpose: mainly for the english but also for rugby. Fortunately, the coach after seeing me play he offered me a scholarship and made my dream come true: study and play for an American University.  

What are you studying right now and what are the major differences you have noticed concerning the academic level between Italy and the USA?

I am majoring in Business Administration. Since the very beginning I felt comfortable, the coach also supported me with tutors to help me at the beginning of my academic experience. Being a student-athlete, the professors understood my needs and tried, when they could, to help me out. A very different attitude than what happens in Italy, where study and sport are considered two separate and often conflicting elements.

You are making your dream of playing rugby and studying in the States come true. After some time, what were the main challenges when you first landed in America?

The main challenge was the cultural difference between the two countries. Besides from this I have not found any particular problems in my path. The teammates were immediately welcoming and always supported me in everything. If I had to highlight the greatest luck it was certainly that of creating a fraternal relationship with the guys on the team, something that helped me to fit in on and off the field.

Let's talk about your Best Moment - 2019 Rugby D1A National Champions. How exciting was for you to win this trophy ?

In 2019, my first year in America, Life University won another National Championship title. My university is historically always nationally ranked number one. The team was already strong and I arrived in January, but I must say that I fit in very well, with humility and sacrifice I managed to win everyone's trust. After the conference play and the conference finals, we played the national finals in California and we won the title. A unique feeling I will never forget.

Athletic experiences, academic experiences, frienship, travel. How is this experience changing you on a personal and character level?

Speaking of personality, this experience made me develop the ability to change and adapt to the different situations I find myself in. By living alone, you grow up day by day, and develop becoming more and more independent.

Today, COVID has upset everyone's life. What is the rugby situation today? How is the season and training going?

Covid-19 has been a huge problem all over the world and obviously here too. Fortunately, the University quickly adapted with online classes. We have always trained even if we still don't know when the official season will start.

Let's wrap it up with your future goals. Speaking of rugby and studying what are your ambitions? 

My future goals are definitely to continue my studies here in the States and try to join a pro rugby team, it really would be a dream. At the moment, to continue to grow, gain experience and pay for my studies, thanks to my coach I will also start working as an assistant coach for a University's team.


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