Operation Varsity Blues: our point of view

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Quick question: have you seen the docufilm Operation Varsity Blues: college scandal?

We do and we have drawn a moral, our morality, which however we will tell you at the end, first it is right to give some hints on the story told on and by Netflix.

It is the story of Rick Singer and an artfully constructed “network” made up of coaches, technical assistants, school principals, supervisors and teachers, used (we tell you frankly) to bring the children of rich families into prestigious university without any kind of merit. The docufilm, directed by director Chris Smith, continues the trend already undertaken by Daniel Golden on “forcing” in college admissions with the book “The Price of Admission” by Daniel Golden.

The documentary was made and reconstructed thanks to the wiretaps and statements made by Singer himself to the federal police, a story that uncovered a world that was already partly known. In 2011 Rick Singer became the number one private university consultant in Sacramento and, student after student, formed the Life Coaching Foundation, with which he will receive a turnover of millions of dollars.

We do not want to spoil the story, but you have understood the focus: “the college favor entrance”, not in any institution, but in colleges such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, USC.

What we noticed is that the documentary shows the idea that university education is like a product to buy. The families involved acquire, in fact, a title, a name, for their children, as if saying “I am a Yale student” is worth more than being. How often parents and children let themselves be carried away only by the prestige of a university, by the “name” and not by the substance. What matters, at least for us, is the opportunity that a college can give you, the course of study, the sporting path, the aptitudes and possibilities offered regardless of the size of the college.

Operation Varsity Blues brings out the darker side of admissions, you just have to pay to get in, but in reality it isn't, or rather, it doesn't have to be. Behind there is a world of commitment, study, application and determination. It is not necessarily necessary to pursue the prestige of the University, what you need to look at are the possibilities: the rest, your history, your future you can and you have to build yourself. At Sportlinx360, we do just that, sifting through all the opportunities based on the student's profile. Our task is to support the students in the choice, departure and continuation of their American experience.

Because, let's face it, realizing yourself, realizing your dreams with your own strength has a completely different taste!


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