Learn English with Alejandra Rodriguez. A new opportunity for Italian coaches

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

In this particular time, some of the activities that we have more time to do include studying, updating and improving our selves.

The English and Spanish teacher Alejandra Rodriguez offers a format with online language coaching sessions for all levels. Learning a new language is essential today in the workplace as in sport or in the everyday life, especiallly two universal languages ​​such as English and Spanish.

The support will be customized according to the profile of the person who decides to undertake this path. The goal is to acquire fluidity of the language, relationship skills, an effective learning base, to be able to travel to a new country without feeling embarrassed, to learn to develop work projects in a language other than your own, and to improve your presentation.

Whatever the professional purpose may be, Alejandra offers her customers the tools they need to achieve their goals. Specifically for our target, we offer this service and opportunity to all coaches who want to have an experience abroad by comparing themselves with new cultures and new sports approaches. All this can be possible only if you know how to "handle" a language such as English or Spanish with authority.

Contact us for further information and details.