Klizia Costa's experience between soccer and study

Friday, May 1, 2020

“After this experience in the United States I would like to try to find a job in the economic field or something related to my studies. I would love to become an executive or a head of a large international company where I could combine the two things I love: speaking different languages to interact with people from different cultures and places, and at the same time applying the business and economics concepts studied untill now."

This time, in order to describe the experience of one of our students - athletes, we decided to start from the current events, from the impressions that the journey in the United States has left, and from the solid foundations that open the door to the world of work. We interviewed Klizia Costa, a soccer player and a Business Administration graduate from Lindewood University, Illinois, who undertook this adventure in the USA along the way: “After two years of university in Milan I had the opportunity to go study in the States with the opportunity to play soccer at a college level at the same time. I left in August 2017 and managed to graduate in 2 and a half years (in December 2019). It was certainly a unique experience that allowed me to get to know cultures and people from all countries. I became friends with many people who came from different areas such as South America, New Zealand, England, USA, Spain and with whom I am still in contact.

The experience itself has obviously improved the knowledge of two languages ​​such as English and Spanish, also through the daily comparison with cultures and habits completely different from mine. I have changed and I hope improved as a person by opening my mind and trying to have a wider vision of things. Often, I would find myself having conversations with my teammates or classmates about literally any kind of topics. At that point you realize that your opinion is not the only one, it is not always exact and you slowly start, also through these moments, to grow, mature and to improve as a person. An experience that puts you in front of many challenges and projects you into a different world than the Italian one, academically as well: “In America most of the learning part is based on research and practical projects, rather than straight theory, like in Italy. In the States many times it happened to me that a professor, after explaining a concept or a notion, split the class into groups with the task of researching or creating a practical project to learn how to apply concepts learned in the real world. It is something that I found very useful and that I believe will help me in the workplace. I feel like including both theory and practice, would make it simpler to adapt to the world of work. I really appreciate this methodology of the American academic system.

Differences also on the sports side: “Not only academically, but also soccer-wise, USA and Italy are completely at the antipodes. In the States, training is much more physical than in our country. In college, during pre-season you train for three weeks three times a day with workouts that range from touching the ball, to the gym and to multiple endurance tests. The soccer calendar is also very different: the season lasts only a couple of months with 3 games a week and, once winter arrives, you don't play until April. I found a less tactical and mainly offensive game. The sport aspect also helped me grow not only as an athlete, but also as a person. Getting here and having this kind of experience is something unique. I have to thank all the Sportlinx360 staff who helped me with the initial bureaucratic procedures, in choosing the College, following me throughout my career. " 

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