Francesca Rossi's direct testimony

Friday, November 29, 2019

A testimony, a letter, rather than a real interview. A beautiful message launched and told by Francesca Rossi, Student-Athlete at Laramie County Community College:

"I was asked a question: "What does this experience mean to you?" A difficult question right now because this experience means endless things to me, but I will try to do my best to explain them.

This experience has changed my life completely, it has turned my plans upside-down and made my ambitions possible. I met and had the chance to collaborate with two women who made all this come to life, Elitza, and Jesica. They had patience, because you have to be patient with me, they understood me, and supported me in all my needs, I was heard. I am here now predominantly because of them. I arrived here in Cheyenne completely confused, frightened and unsure of how would it be.

I spent the first week crying and thinking that I would have not been able to bear it all. I didn't want to hear the voice of any of my loved ones, I spent my time thinking and rethinking how I could face all this. Now that I'm writing from my college room, I'm proud that I didn't give up and convinced that those tears were perfectly understandable and normal.

This experience made me a different person, certainly more mature and self-confident. It led me to believe less in some friendships, but to hold close the true ones, it made me an almost perfect housewife and a determined athlete. I have always thought I knew everything about life, but here I discovered new things, learned just as many and faced others, some very difficult others less, but I always did it by myself. I learned to do just fine, this is the most important thing: during an experience like this you analyze yourself deeply, think about your past and study how to achieve your future and all of this only through your skills and your determination.

I believe that everyone can do it, but only on one condition: you must have a great desire to do it under your own steam. You have to be passionate and determined to make this experience and the desire to succeed, you must overcome all your fears because I assure you that when you are halfway there, the fear will no longer exist and there will be only you and your goals to achieve.

You will become one with the place where you live, it will become your second home, you will speak another language fluently, you will approach another culture and you will eat different food that I do not assure you will like, but all this will be worth the trouble, for the person you will become at the end of this journey.

If asked if I would try this experience again? A thousand more times!"