Federica Frasca and Margherita Bianchin: the Italian pair earn the AVCA BVB All-America Honors

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

After the thrilled season just concluded, for the Italian volleyball pair Federica Frasca and Margherita Bianchin there is one more achievement: the AVCA BVB All-America Honors.

The Italian players have just finished their season with the FIU - Florida International University beach volleyball team, earning great reluts and reaching the NCAA National Final, closing within 8 greatest team of the USA. 

The AVCA BVB All-America Honor arrives at the conclusion of a record season for Federica and Margherita , as FIU beach volleyball Head Coach Rita Buck-Crockett said: "I am so proud of Fede (Federica Frasca) and Bianca (Margherita Bianchin). They are the epitome of an elite athlete and elite students. These two young ladies represent our program and our school to the max. They deserve this award and will wear it well."

The italian pair were one of the most dominating pairs in collegiate beach volleyball during the entire 2018 campaign, endind the season with 20 wins on 27 played match.